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Rhymes with lost

Yoste is the moniker of young singer-songwriter-producer Kurt Sines. With influences drawn from ambient to pop, the project’s unique and moving music has swiftly gained worldwide attention.

Of his music and creative process Yoste says: “it’s a hugely cathartic thing for me that I can create a song from start to finish in my bedroom, release it and have it connect with so many. It’s one of the most fundamental and emotional aspects of my life and personality.”

Boasting over 50 million streams online and a debut EP heralded by standout singles Arc and Blue due in February 2019, the young creator is only looking ahead. “I’m so excited to release my debut EP and bring the songs to life on tour. I’m already half-way through the second EP as well. It’s such an exciting time for me creatively and otherwise.”

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Out of my cage through an open door, Feeling less tired than I did before, I broke my fever then I broke my chains, I don’t like liars and I don’t like change.

I tried to run but I was much too slow, I’m only young but that was long ago, The air was cool and now it burns my lungs, Stains my eyes and stills my tongue.


Heaving, hollow, Breathing, so slow,
Upright, but tiring Lost sight, climbing.

Coming to rest, At great height, We’re formless, in the low light, In the warmth of your glow I’m alright, Though I wish I could claw back some time, I could breathe in the colours so bright.


I’ve fallen on my own regret, Building towers from my love. Your claws around my throat again, All I am is not enough.

Tell me that there’s something left, I’m a coward and a cub. We try so hard but stay bereft, Mm, I’m broken up.

I don’t know where you go, But I know you so well, When I’m alone with you, alone with you. I don’t know who you are, When you’re with your friends, I can only lose.

It doesn’t matter what we said, Leave the flowers in the dust,  I can’t remember what it meant, Only that I wrote for both of us.

Won’t you tell me that I’m more than just my chemicals, I’ve been thinking and it’s more than just electrical.


Wake up, Oh you’re stuck on your own,
I know, I’m a mountain and I’m an animal,
Walking on stones there’s a crossing,
I’m an animal.
I’ll hold to the line.

Clawing like a wolf cub, hanging from your cuff,
The water’s at your knees love.
Talking like a stranger uhuh.
Clawing like a wolf cub, won’t you pick me up,
The water’s at your knees love.
Talking a stranger uhuh.

It’s a cool night,
Farther my eyes.
Hold the rope tight,
Steady that light.

I feel the calm before the low,
I was broken long ago.
I’ll tell you if you want to know.

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MGMT: Carson Oberg -
North America Bookings: Jesse Rosoff -
Rest of the world: Greg Lowe -

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Further thoughts and feelings…

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“Life is first boredom, then fear” writes Phillip Larkin. A witty, if glib line, which is nonetheless painfully resonant. For me, the fear began in earnest when I was around 18. Having left school and begun studying law, more from apathy than genuine interest, I felt the twinge of a now familiar sense of longing. Longing for purpose, for understanding, for meaning.

I know the convention is for bios to be written in third person to give the impression of objectivity, but I don’t think that’s my style. My music comes directly from me to you and so should my words. As I write this I’m deep in the process of producing my sophomore EP, titled ‘we just are’ – a reference to the philosophy of optimistic nihilism. I struggled for many years with a severe sense of listlessness and general lack of purpose, I still do in fact. It’s something I now recognise in many of the people around me, both young and old. It’s damn fascinating to write about.

When one considers the fact that human senses are only able to interpret a tiny fraction of the world around us, the notion of ‘reality’ becomes extremely fluid. So, in some ways I view what most of us see as conventional reality to be nothing more than shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave. I love the way that music can shape that reality. The best artists create worlds with their music, and I’m trying to build one of my own. I want us to share it, I may need us to. It should feel the like driving along the coast at sunset, like staring at a night sky somewhere far away. I know that sounds pretentious, but I think the fact I don’t care is indicative of some personal growth – I feel sincerity is an undervalued currency now.

My writing process is simultaneously very slow and very fast. I often suffer from weeks and months of creative frustration, making incremental improvements to my writing and production but producing nothing satisfying. Finally there will come a moment when the gears click together and a song is written and produced over the course of a day with a manic intensity. I often say it can take months to write a song overnight.

It seems that now something has changed… my second EP has tumbled out of me with near total clarity, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I love you for listening, take care and I’ll see you soon.